Milestones and Supporting Forms

RMCC Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering


Your graduate program will be marked by a number of important milestones. Some of these will be recurring, like registration each term; others happen only once (we hope!) like your thesis defence.

All students

Program of study

Each student is required to have completed a Program of Study prior to first registration. The program of study must be approved by the student’s supervisor (if assigned) and by the Coordinator responsible for the student’s program.

The program of study represents an intent — it is not a binding contract. The planned program of study can be changed at any time, with approval from the supervisor and Coordinator. However, students will be permitted to register only in courses listed in the program of study.

Assignment of thesis supervisor

Once a student and a supervisor have agreed to a supervisory relationship, the thesis supervisor required to complete the Assignment of Thesis Supervisor form and submit it to the ECE Graduate Studies Committee (GSC) Chair.

A student transferring from the MASc to the MEng must complete the Assignment of Project Supervisor form and submit it to the ECE GSC Chair.

If a student changes supervisors for any reason, a new Assignment of Thesis Supervisor form must be completed.


The ECE Department allows students to register only for one term at a time.

Progress report

Progress reports must be submitted after each term in which a student is registered. A student will not be allowed to register in a subsequent term until the progress report for the previous term has been received. There are separate forms for the MASc Progress Report MEng Progress Report and the PhD Progress Report.

Registration form

The current registration form will be found on the RMCC College Management Information Services page under the Documents and Forms module. A student’s registration form will be forwarded to the Registrar’s office only if it conforms to a previously approved program of study (see above).

Intention to Defend Thesis

Students with intention to defend a thesis must complete the Intention to Defend Thesis form and submit it to the Department at least six weeks prior to the intended date of defence.

Formation of Thesis Examining Committee

Supervisors planning to form a thesis examining committee for the Master’s or PhD are required to complete the form Formation of Thesis Examining Committee form and submit it to the GSC chair. For the PhD defence, the supervisor must provide the academic and research credentials of the external examiner with the form. If necessary, this may be supported with a short resume.

MASc Students Only

MASc Thesis Proposal Report

The MASc thesis proposal must be completed not more than thirteen months after initial registration.

Following the MASc thesis proposal presentation, thesis supervisors are required to complete the Report on Masters’ Thesis Proposal Presentation and submit it to GSC Chair.

MEng Students Only

MEng Project Proposal Report

Following the review of the MEng project proposal, project supervisors are required to complete the Report on MEng Project Proposal and submit it to the GSC Chair.

Following the MEng project presentation, project supervisors are required to complete the Report on MEng Project Examination form and submit it to the GSC Chair.

PhD Students Only

Comprehensive Requirement

The PhD Comprehensive requirement in Electrical and Computer Engineering consists of the depth examination, the breadth examination, and the thesis proposal defence. A candidate must successfully complete all three components of the comprehensive requirement to pass CP600.

The breadth and depth examinations must be attempted within fourteen months of first registration in the PhD program.

The thesis proposal defence should occur as early as possible and must be attempted within one year of the successful completion of the breadth and depth examinations.

In exceptional circumstances, extensions to these deadlines may be granted by the Head of the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department on written recommendation of the supervisor and the Chair of the ECE Graduate Studies Committee.

More information

For more information about our graduate program, please contact the Chair of the ECE Graduate Studies Committee, Dr Mostafa Hefnawi.

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