MEng Projects

RMCC Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

MEng Project Proposal

Students must submit a project proposal following their registration in PR500. The project proposal will consist of a one-page summary, which must be approved by the supervisor and another member of the ECE Department faculty acting as department reader. 

Following the review of the MEng project proposal, project supervisors are required to complete the Report on MEng Project Proposal and submit it to the GSC Chair.

MEng Project Examination

A project report is prepared by the student and submitted to the supervisor and a departmental reader who will form the examination committee. After making a public presentation of the work, the student will answer questions from the examination committee. The examination committee will render a decision based on the content of the report and on the student's ability to present the work and answer questions.

The final examination may result in one of the following outcomes:

Following the MEng project presentation, project supervisors are required to complete the Report on MEng Project Examination form and submit it to the GSC Chair.

More information

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