MASc and PhD Thesis Examination

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Regulations and procedure

Thesis examinations follow the procedure described in Regulation 6.6 of the Calendar, with additional requirements as described below.

Intention to Defend Thesis

At the beginning of the semester in which a graduate student is expected to graduate, and preferably no less than six weeks prior to a planned defence, supervisors should advise the Chair of the ECE Graduate Studies Committee (GSC) of the upcoming defence in order to ensure that the defence is not ultimately delayed. Supervisors should complete the Intention to Defend form and forward it to the ECE GSC Chair.

Students should also complete the Application to Graduate detailed at the RMC Convocation Ceremony page.

Committee selection

When a thesis is ready for examination, the supervisor proposes appropriate Examination Committee (Committee) as described below. A cross-appointed faculty member from another department may be used as the Internal-External examiner.

For a Doctoral Examination:

For a Master's Examination at a minimum

Once appropriate candidates have been selected, the supervisor sends a completed Formation of MASC Thesis Examination Committee or Form of PhD Thesis Examination Committee form to the Chair of the ECE GSC.

In the case of a Master's examinations, the supervisor must provide a statement that the individual considered as "Expert" is indeed an expert in the field and that they have not collaborated with the candidate on the material presented in the thesis. Supervisors may fnd this template useful.    

The Division of Graduate Studies and Research will review and approve the Committee, possibly with changes, and appoint a chair for the examination.

Arms-length requirement for doctoral thesis examinations

The acknowledged expert for a PhD thesis must be at arms-length to the College, as defined below.

For a PhD examination, arms-length means that the acknowledged expert examiner, in relation to the supervisor: must not be a close friend, must not be a regular and current collaborator, must not be a former colleague, and must not have been supervised recently by. In addition, the external examiner must nowt have been a visitor or teacher for some time at RMC.

The supervisor may request an exception to the “arms-length” rule.

Scheduling of the examination

Note that regulation 6.6 requires the supervisor to ensure that an examination copy of the thesis to each member of the Committee four (4) weeks prior to the proposed examination date for a PhD thesis and three (3) weeks prior to the examination date for master's thesis. The supervisor is responsible for selecting an examination time suitable to the committee members.

More information

For more information about our graduate program, please contact the Chair of the ECE Graduate Studies Committee, Dr Sylvain P. Leblanc.

Any suggestions for updates or improvements to this page should be directed to Dr Sylvain P. Leblanc.

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